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Personal Tax Code

When it comes to taxes, there are a lot of ins, outs, details, and loopholes that can confuse the average American citizen. If you don’t have someone in the know to help you out – such as us at Guardian Tax Law – it can be hard to know what all the little itty-bitty details

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Does tax debt expire?

Tax debt expiration is a crucial concept for anyone dealing with the IRS or state tax authorities. This guide explores the intricacies of Collection Statute

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Juneteenth 2024

Juneteenth, commemorated on June 19th, marks a pivotal moment in American history. It symbolizes the day in 1865 when enslaved African Americans in Texas finally

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Who Can I Claim as a Dependent?

Understanding who you can claim as a dependent on your tax return can significantly impact your financial situation. Dependents can help reduce your taxable income

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How are property taxes calculated

Property taxes are a crucial aspect of home-ownership, significantly affecting your financial landscape. As one of the most substantial expenses tied to owning a home,

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