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Tax Debt Resolution

There are three main programs to resolve tax debts with the IRS or State tax agencies:

Installment Agreements

IRS rules are constantly changing as to what type of Installment Agreement a taxpayer can qualify for. This also depends on the type of tax debt.

Individual taxpayers who owe up to $50,000.00 (in some cases more) can pay through monthly direct debit payments for up to six years and avoid the imposition of a tax lien. Depending on your needs there are other ways to negotiate an Installment Agreement.

If you owe more than this or need longer than six years to complete your tax debt repayment, we can work with the IRS to determine what kind of installment agreement you qualify for.

Currently not collectible

Depending on the type of tax owed individuals (and some cases businesses) can have their balances ‘frozen’ for at least two years with the IRS, in many cases years longer. This prevents all collection activity by the IRS or a State. This requires negotiations based on a taxpayer’s financial information.

Aside from delaying any collection for a few years almost all IRS debt expires ten years from the date of assessment including any additional events that extended out the expiration date. Many older debts will just expire while a taxpayer is in this status.

Offer in compromise

An Offer in Compromise is an amazing program for individuals that qualify according to a rigorous IRS analysis. Many states have Offer In Compromise programs which vary from very helpful to extremely difficult.

Mr. Hubert Johnson has submitted hundreds of Offers In Compromise to the IRS and State agencies, with over 300 hundred successful Offers in one year alone that were personally handled by him. He has had many successful Offers for as low as $20.00 but the amount of the Offer In Compromise depends specifically on the financial details of each individual case.

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