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Although it may seem too early to start thinking about it, Tax Day 2022 is coming up. Tax Day is always April 15th, and it can never be too early to start thinking about it.

But what happens if you miss Tax Day? What happens if you end up with unfiled taxes? As you might have gathered from the IRS’s reputation, the IRS doesn’t take too kindly to missing their Tax Day deadline.

This is not to say that you can’t miss the deadline – there are several exemptions and extensions you can apply for when it comes to the Tax Day deadline – but there are great risks involved in choosing to not file your taxes.

As with all things related to the IRS, missing their deadlines and rules will lead to penalties and fees.

Penalties for Unfiled Taxes

Typically, if you end up with unfiled taxes, you can be penalized in a few ways. Those ways are:

  • having additional penalties and interest added to your tax balances
  • being unable to erase your tax debts to stop debt collection and other sorts of collection activities
  • the defaulting of any potential tax resolution in the future

No matter how you look at it, it is a crime to not file your tax returns (but only if you owe taxes). You can’t just “skip” out on sending in your tax returns because the IRS will be watching, and it will not forget.

It’s on a case-by-case basis, of course, but non-filers can be forced to pay interest on taxes that they owe. They might even incur financial penalties (proportional to what money is owed to the IRS) and serve jail time for severe tax evasion.

Do You Have Unknown Unfiled Taxes?

In most situations, the IRS keeps taxpayers on the hook for only the last 6 years of filing that they were meant to complete. Having said that, States can demand that you go back and file unfiled tax returns for much longer than that.

Keep in mind that, even if you resolve previous tax problems, if you repeat your past mistakes and fall into the pattern of not filing going forward, you’ll find that any future resolution option will be removed from your possibility.

However, to save money, make sure to only file the tax returns that you need to file. You might find that experts and the IRS will pressure you to file more than you need to file, meaning that you’ll end up paying more money to submit those documents.

Here at Guardian Tax Law, however, we’ll help you determine what needs to be filed and paid for your past taxes and go from there.

Payment Compliance

If it turns out that you do have unfiled taxes, you must make sure to pay them as quickly as you can. Once you manage to get out of this unfiled tax return rut, try not to fall back into it!

To avoid falling back into that hole, make sure to pay your taxes going forward. You don’t want to have to be back on the IRS’s bad side. The IRS is a large government agency that doesn’t forget when they’ve been wronged by a taxpayer.

Make sure to pay your taxes on time!

Not to mention that the IRS and the state you live in can refuse to compromise with you going forward if you are not paying sufficient taxes to owe in the future. In this situation, you might be forced to provide proof that you won’t continue to owe taxes moving forward.

Once again, we at Guardian Tax Law will help you out of this situation you’ve fallen into. We go above and beyond to help you out so that you don’t have to collapse under the stress and worry of having to pay the IRS on years of back taxes.

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Unfiled Taxes

There are two main tax requirements that if not met will mean that:

– You will have additional penalties and interest added to your tax balances

– You will not be able you to resolve your tax debts and stop collection activity

– Not staying in compliance will default ANY tax resolution in the future including an Offer In Compromise

Filing Compliance

In the vast majority of cases the IRS demands taxpayers file personal taxes for only the last 6 years if they had a filing requirement. States can demand you file tax returns for much longer. Again even after you resolve your taxes not staying current with your tax filings will default any resolution if you don’t file required tax returns.

WARNING! – Many tax professionals and the IRS will have you file too many tax returns which not only costs you money to file but can only increase your tax debts.

Payment Compliance

This means paying your taxes on time and avoiding owing the IRS again. The IRS and States will refuse any resolution if a taxpayer is not paying sufficient taxes to owe in the future. They demand proof the taxpayer will not continue to owe taxes moving forward. This is VERY important for individuals and businesses.

Paying sufficient taxes can be as easy as changing dependents claimed to paying quarterly or monthly Estimated Tax Payments.

Guardian Tax Law goes above and beyond to resolve your current tax issues AND set you on a path moving forward to avoid owing taxes again.

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