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How Tax Attorneys Can Streamline the Income Tax Process

The average person in Tucson can handle the income tax process on their own without trouble. However, there are certain situations where the right Tucson tax attorney can make all the difference. If rules aren’t being followed, the Internal Revenue Service can become aggressive, even if you did the best you could. If a mistake is made and you aren’t able to correct it on your own, the best thing you can do is bring in a Tucson tax attorney with experience. Ignoring the problem isn’t going to turn out well. On the other hand, a tax preparer or a CPA may not have all the knowledge needed to handle the issue quickly.

Reasons To Hire a Tax Attorney

One of the biggest reasons to choose a tax attorney is because, unlike a CPA, this professional provides a relationship with attorney-client privilege. You can say anything to the lawyer and they can never be brought into a case to testify against you. This isn’t the case with a CPA or a tax preparer. Another reason a tax attorney can be useful is because tax debt negotiation is something they do every day. An expert attorney has the experience needed to reach a settlement, which can’t be expected of others. In addition, they know about programs you might qualify for and can help you choose the best solution. While a CPA might have some knowledge about programs, it may not be as extensive. Tax laws and tax codes are complicated and undergo regular changes. If you are in IRS collections, taking the advice of the wrong person could create lots of issues down the line.

The Right Time To Hire a Tax Attorney

There are several situations where a Tucson tax attorney can be helpful for you. If any of these situations apply to you, it’s a good idea to speak with an attorney for a consultation.
  • When you need assistance understanding your self-employment or business taxes.
  • If you have assets that need special protection or you have an increased tax liability.
  • When you can’t reach the IRS or they aren’t responding to your attempts to resolve a mistake.
Self-employment and business taxes can be more complicated than typical income taxes. Tax attorneys can help guide you through what you need to know. This is a huge benefit since there are thousands of IRS publications and forms to read through and many of them are difficult to understand. In addition, businesses and people are taxed differently, which can make things more confusing. A great Tucson tax attorney will help you find the best ways to lower your owed taxes in the future. Those who owe large amounts of more than $100,000 to the IRS may be placed in the Large Dollar Unit to ensure collection. This unit utilizes the most experienced agents to aggressively close cases quickly. Tax attorneys can keep up and help protect you. If there are criminal issues related to the investigation, a lawyer is even more critical. Sometimes the IRS isn’t quick to get back to people unless they’re paying money. If your letters and emails are being ignored, a Tucson tax attorney can write a letter to get their attention. In addition, many of them have contact information not available to the public and can work things out over the phone, sometimes with just one call. While not everyone going through the income tax process needs an attorney, some people will find it helpful to have one. If you aren’t sure whether you need an attorney for your specific situation, consider a consultation. A local tax expert can advise you of your rights and options, and from there, you can feel confident you’re making informed decisions moving forward.