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When Should You Hire a Tax Attorney?

If you owe money to the IRS, it might seem like a terrible idea to sign up for another bill. You might be hoping you can handle the situation independently without spending dollars you do not have. The same might apply if you need help with your taxes and ensuring they are as low as possible.

Lots of tax problems can be handled without a tax attorney, but that isn’t true in every case. It might not always be worth the time it takes to learn everything you need to know to save a few dollars. Sometimes, an experienced tax attorney can actually help you save money.

What to Expect from a Tax Attorney

Tax attorneys are lawyers who focus on the intricacies of tax law. These experts help individuals set up their finances for the best tax situations. They also ensure you comply with tax rules and assist in disputes with tax authorities like the IRS. In some cases, a tax attorney will focus on something like business, international, or state taxes.

In many cases, tax attorneys will practice at accounting or law firms. However, some will work on their own as business owners who choose what to work on and where their focus should lie.

The attorneys at law firms may help clients determine how to get the best tax treatment in any situation. They may create legal documents like contracts needed to do this. Some will also represent clients in tax court or other locations.

When a tax attorney is employed at an accounting firm or a consulting firm, they are often focusing more on ensuring their clients meet all required tax rules.

When to Hire a Tax Attorney

Below are a few of the situations where you might want to hire a tax attorney.

Starting a Business

Are you starting your own business? In many cases, a tax attorney can be an excellent investment. This expert can help you create the right strategies for starting, selling, buying, or expanding a business. While doing so, this specialist will make sure you make decisions that are smart for your taxes.

Estate Planning

If you’re working out estate planning strategies, a tax attorney can be a massive help. They can handle all the paperwork involved in the process to help you set up trusts, transfer assets to family members, and minimize your estate taxes.

Tax Disputes

Those who are dealing with tax disputes can benefit from the knowledge of a tax attorney. The same applies if you want to sue the IRS or a state or local tax authority about something related to taxes. Tax attorneys will also assist if you want a hearing before the US Tax Court.

Tax Relief

Nobody wants to have a balance with the IRS, but sometimes, it does happen. If this is the situation you are in, a tax attorney is the person you want to contest or negotiate for you. Tax attorneys can help you choose from options like installment plans to pay the bill over time, innocent spouse relief, and Offer in Compromise.

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