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Can a tax attorney negotiate with the IRS?

Yes, an Attorney can negotiate with the IRS – but so can any taxpayer.

The real question is what an Attorney can negotiate that a normal taxpayer cannot.

An experienced Tax Attorney can spot ways to save time and money that a normal taxpayer would not know about.

Some examples where it is worth it to hire a Tax Attorney are:

  • Knowing exactly what tax returns need to be filed
    The IRS often tells clients 10 years which is incorrect or to file returns without a filing requirement.
  • Knowing how and when to ask for remove penalties and interest
  • When a debt should expire or go away
    We are seeing incorrect expiration dates by the IRS and have had success fighting to change expiration dates and making sure tax debt expires when it should.

Another benefit to hiring a Tax Attorney is they know the IRS rules and regulations as well as, or better than the IRS representatives for the following reasons:

1. The IRS gives out incorrect advice regularly

Not only filing information but when a taxpayer has a right to pay nothing or far less than what they are demanding.

2. The IRS will not explain a taxpayer’s rights and options.

The right to pay zero if they qualify or to do an Offer. Many people are referred to do an Offer when they don’t qualify too.

3. The IRS will frequently pressure taxpayers into making payments or setting up payment plans that they do not have to make.

This happens to retired seniors on fixed incomes that easily qualify for much better programs.

Lastly, handling complex matters with the IRS almost always requires an experienced tax professional.

Some examples are as follows:

  • Offer In Compromise cases:
    Most of the Offers rejected are filed without professional help, or without experienced help.
    I have saved many offers that had simple mistakes or needed a quick change to then qualify.
  • Business Cases:
    Business tax cases can be very complicated especially with high dollar cases, payroll liability or with state and personal liabilities owed as well.
    Business tax cases can be like riding a bull – winning means we save the business from being shut down and save the taxpayer’s livelihood.
  • Special cases like Trust cases, Complex Audits, Urgent cases with Bank Levies and/or Wage Garnishments, etc.
    We get IRS and State garnishments removed regularly but it is vital to move quickly as these are very urgent cases!

Most of all an Experienced Tax Attorney should provide Peace of Mind and inform and educate taxpayers as they help them navigate the minefields of dealing with IRS/State tax debts. This will help taxpayers understand how to avoid tax issues moving forward and help them rationally choose the best options for their case.