When, Why, and How to Hire a Tax Attorney

As the name suggests, tax attorneys specialize in tax law. However, this can also cause some confusion among people. The attorneys aren’t tax preparers or accountants who will handle all of the mundane aspects of your taxes. Instead, they are there to help people with any legal issues they might have regarding the IRS and […]

El proceso de auditoría: ¿es más rápido hoy?

Presentó sus impuestos y se siente seguro en sus cálculos. Luego, recibe la temida carta por correo del IRS. Estás siendo auditado. Una auditoría es un proceso temible. Te preguntas cuánto tiempo llevará el proceso y si todavía tienes toda la información que necesitas proporcionar. Seamos realistas, se supone que debemos conservar la documentación fiscal […]

The Audit Process: Is It Faster Today?

You filed your taxes, and you feel confident in your calculations. Then, you receive the dreaded letter in the mail from the IRS. You’re being audited. An audit is a fearful process. You’re left wondering how long the process will take and whether you still have all the information you need to provide. Let’s face […]

Unfiled Taxes: More Than Just a Missed Tax Day

You missed Tax Day—for the last two years. There are various reasons people miss the deadline for filing taxes. Medical emergencies, family crises, unexpected business trips, or missing tax information are valid reasons to accidentally miss the tax deadline. Ideally, filing an extension if you’re going to be late filing taxes is the way to […]

Tax Debt Relief: There Are Options

You filed your tax returns right on time, hoping to get a nice refund. To your dismay, you owe the IRS tax debt. You’ve had a rough year and have nothing saved, so what do you do? Don’t panic;some options could be available to you to relieve your tax debt if you qualify. Who Should […]

Purposes of Taxation

It’s widely known across America that April 15th is Tax Day. But you might be unaware of all the reasons behind why we pay taxes. If you’ve ever wondered, “What’s the point?” then this article is for you.   What Is Taxation? At its core, taxation is the act of the government imposing levies on individuals so that they […]

Professional Tax Attorneys: What Are They and How Can They Help?

Tax Day may be behind us, but your tax woes might not be. If you’re struggling with tax issues in Phoenix, AZ, Guardian Tax Law and its bevy of professional tax attorneys are here to help you.   What Does a Professional Tax Attorney Do? Professional tax attorneys can help you create long-term strategies for tax […]

Unfiled Tax Returns and IRS Audits: What to Know

With Tax Day right around the corner, you might be panicking as you try to get all your things in order. Even when you do everything right, you may still find yourselves surprised when, months later, the IRS audits you. If you’re worried that this is something that might happen to you – or if […]

Important Information for Handling Payroll Taxes

No matter which side of the equation you are – an employer or an employee – Tax Day can seem like one of the scariest days of the year. This is because there are so many rules and regulations that must be followed, as well as nitty-gritty bits of information that can trip you up […]

Unfiled Taxes

Although it may seem too early to start thinking about it, Tax Day 2022 is coming up. Tax Day is always April 15th, and it can never be too early to start thinking about it. But what happens if you miss Tax Day? What happens if you end up with unfiled taxes? As you might […]