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Professional Tax Attorneys: What Are They and How Can They Help?

Tax Day may be behind us, but your tax woes might not be. If you’re struggling with tax issues in Phoenix, AZ, Guardian Tax Law and its bevy of professional tax attorneys are here to help you.


What Does a Professional Tax Attorney Do?

Professional tax attorneys can help you create long-term strategies for tax planning, and they can aid you if you’re going through an IRS audit. The Phoenix, AZ branch of Guardian Tax Law has many qualified tax attorneys who can explain tricky business laws, help you fill out financial forms, and provide you with many more tax-related services! 


Read on for more about other situations our exemplary tax attorneys can help you with.


Questions and Confusion

Dealing with the IRS and taxes is confusing. There are regulations, loopholes, and rules that can trip you up at every turn. However, with a tax attorney, you can receive clarification for any of your concerns and prevent yourself from making common, avoidable mistakes.


State Taxes

Although we specialize in IRS tax issues, we also understand the ins and outs of Arizona state law. Similar to situations with the IRS, there are common pitfalls you might run afoul of. We can help you figure out how to handle Arizona’s business taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes, or even provide information on any of your queries.


Prevention of Future Pitfalls

We can help you learn from your tax-related mistakes. If in the past, you’ve run into trouble with your IRS or state taxes, we can identify where mistakes were made and help you take active steps to prevent the same issues in the future. Our staff is knowledgeable about everything that the IRS might throw at you, so we can keep you free of tax troubles going forward.


Tax Debt Resolution

A common IRS issue that many struggle with is tax debt resolution. When you compromise with the IRS via a tax debt resolution solution, you will settle whatever debt you owe for taxes by paying less than the full amount that you’re meant to pay. Reaching this agreement with the IRS can be difficult, however, so we can help navigate all stages of this process.


Payroll Taxes

If you’re the owner of a business, we can help you handle your payroll taxes. From understanding what you owe to when you should make payments, we’re here to answer all questions.


Unfiled Taxes

Unfiled taxes can cause lots of difficulties in your life, no matter your rationale for not filing taxes. However, when you don’t file your taxes, the IRS can chase you for years to come. If you want to protect your credit score, work with us to handle your unfiled taxes.



If your wages are being garnished or you have a levy on your bank account, one of our Phoenix attorneys can help you figure out where to go with your situation. 


Are There Other Benefits to Hiring a Tax Attorney?

Yes, there are! Tax attorneys are a great asset to have in your corner for anything related to money. Tax attorneys can double-check your paperwork and finances to make sure everything is legally sound and in line with the complex systems that are made up of deductions, credits, exemptions, and tax codes. They can work with individuals as well as small and large businesses, and they can be hired on a contract or permanent basis depending on your needs.


Our Phoenix, AZ tax lawyers are well versed in matters of executive compensation, corporate tax, exempt organizations, municipal finance, tax litigation, and international tax planning. If you would like more information or aid in any of those categories, we can soothe your worries. 


Guardian Tax Law

Here at Guardian Tax Law, one of the locations we work extensively with is Phoenix, AZ. If you’re looking for a great way to get help on your taxes from a reputable company, then reach out to us. We can give you a free consultation as soon as you call us, and we have a professional staff and thousands of happy customers whose issues we’ve handled.


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