In an effort to enforce tax law and increase tax compliance, the IRS will be visiting more taxpayers who haven’t filed their past tax year. They are also researching new compliance methods, looking into tax data, and increasing collection efforts from taxpayers who are out of compliance or in collections.

The main goal of the IRS is to bring into compliance those who are delinquent by filing all unfiled past tax years, and assisting with pending payment obligations that the individual may still have with the agency.

The IRS is seeking to use the following systems to further promote compliance:

Non-filers that are owed tax refunds, but are unable to receive them because of unfiled tax years, are encouraged by the IRS to file their unfiled tax years in order to receive future tax refunds.

The IRS has current and prior year tax forms and instructions available on Forms and Publications page or by calling toll free at 800-TAX-FORM.

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