How to buy property tax liens?

Introduction What is a property tax liens? We don’t buy tax liens or advise people on that at all. What we do is advise people on how to remove Tax liens and how it is going to affect them. What is a Tax Lien and should I be worried? Most people find out about Tax […]

What are IRS levies on bank accounts?

Bank levies are legal orders to banks/financial Institutions to remit any funds in the accounts to the IRS/State tax agency that issued the levy. How did my accounts get levied? Tax agencies use a taxpayers ITIN (usually a Social Security Number or Employer Identification Number of a business) to go after accounts opened with that […]

Does bankruptcy clear debt?

Can filing for Bankruptcy wipe out my tax debt? Filing for Bankruptcy can be an excellent tool to address tax debts as well as other debts but it is very important to talk to a local Bankruptcy Attorney before making any final decisions. Laws vary by State and Bankruptcy District As Bankruptcy courts are Federal […]

How much does it cost to hire a tax attorney?

Thinking of hiring a tax attorney but not sure how much it’s going to cost? Here are some things to consider when getting hired help with your taxes. What is a Tax Attorney? Tax Attorneys are Administrative Law attorneys in that the majority of their work consists of assisting individuals and businesses resolve issues with […]

What do Tax Attorneys do?

Tax Attorneys can handle many areas of Tax Law. Some things Tax Attorneys can do are Tax Preparation, usually for more complicated trust , corporate or personal returns;  Defend Taxpayers against IRS and State Audits; Defend Taxpayers against IRS, State and other government collection actions to seize or force Taxpayers to pay; Represent clients in […]

Can a tax attorney negotiate with the IRS?

Yes, an Attorney can negotiate with the IRS – but so can any taxpayer. The real question is what an Attorney can negotiate that a normal taxpayer cannot. An experienced Tax Attorney can spot ways to save time and money that a normal taxpayer would not know about. Some examples where it is worth it […]

Cuándo, por qué y cómo contratar a un abogado fiscalista

Como su nombre indica, los abogados fiscales están especializados en derecho fiscal. Sin embargo, esto también puede causar cierta confusión entre la gente. Los abogados no son preparadores de impuestos o contadores que se encargarán de todos los aspectos mundanos de sus impuestos. Es cierto que los CPAs también pueden comunicarse con el IRS para […]

When, Why, and How to Hire a Tax Attorney

As the name suggests, tax attorneys specialize in tax law. However, this can also cause some confusion among people. The attorneys aren’t tax preparers or accountants who will handle all of the mundane aspects of your taxes. Instead, they are there to help people with any legal issues they might have regarding the IRS and […]

Tax Audits: Myths and Red Flags

An audit can be scary if you don’t know what to expect. The fear is perpetuated by people who spread myths as though they are true. If you’re wondering if you’re at risk of being audited, we hope to take some of the fear away from you with this article. We’ll look at some of […]

Auditorías Fiscales: Mitos y Banderas Rojas

Una auditoría puede dar miedo si no sabe qué esperar. El miedo es perpetuado por personas que difunden mitos como si fueran verdad. Si se pregunta si corre el riesgo de ser auditado, esperamos quitarle algo de miedo con este artículo. Veremos algunos de los mitos que rodean las auditorías y algunas señales de alerta […]