Privacy Policy

Our law firm respects and recognizes your privacy, and we want you to feel secure while using the site. The information mentioned below discloses how our website collects and uses data, as well as other practices. This privacy policy doesn’t highlight the nature of the information collected offline. 

To know more, you can contact us through the phone number on this page. 

Personal Information We Collect

Our users will remain anonymous if they visit the public area of the website. However, visitors will not remain anonymous if they use e-mail links, chats, and forms through website. Or, if you contact us on the phone or anyone affiliated with our organization provides us exclusive and tractable information. This is because it might be challenging to predict the possible context of providing such type of information through e-mail. We can’t assure you that the personal information you provide us through any means like e-mail will remain private. 

Like any other website, our site use cookies. These are small text files containing little amounts of data like a password on a website. They help in identifying your computer while you’re on a network. They allow the website host to maintain data about the number of times you’ve visited the website. It also tracks what pages you visit to determine the visitor’s home page customization preferences. You have the option to disable cookies, which is present in all Web browsers. Note that we don’t use cookies to extract additional information that is not related to your interaction with the site. 

This site also records your Internet Protocol (IP) address. It is a number that is specified for your computer and helps you use the internet.  We don’t extract any personally identifiable information from your IP address. We only use it to manage our website and track the number of different visitors who click on the site and collect the demographic data. But if you submit information through this website, your information becomes trackable and identifiable because it’s now on record that it came from your IP address. We can use this information to identify you when you revisit the site or websites affiliated with it to help personalize the user experience. 

This website also collects non-personally identifiable data. It is accessible to some firm experts and specific third-party site designers and professionals representing the third party hosting the website. The site uses all non-personally identifiable information that gathered from the site host and designer to improve the site. For instance, the data helps identify which pages of the website get more traffic than others and how often a certain part of a website gets visitors. We can use the information to make reports about website activity during the process of improving and meaning the website. 

Steps to Protect User’s Privacy

We don’t share, sell, or disclose any data gathered online without your permission.

Privacy Policy of Sites Affiliated with this Site

Site visitors may click on links that take them to third-party sites that we don’t operate. We encourage you to check the privacy policies of these sites before visiting them. You are not obliged to ensure enforcement, compliance, or review the privacy policy of the sites affiliated with us. 

Children’s Privacy

This site doesn’t knowingly gather information about any children under age 13. 

Data Storage and Processing in the United States

No matter where you live, this website gathers data and processes and stores this information in a database present in the USA. 

Privacy Policy Updates

We can update this privacy policy and the changes and revisions will be posted on this website. Therefore, we recommend you review this privacy policy frequently.

How To Ask Questions Related to Privacy Policy?

You can ask questions and comment on the site about this privacy policy. Our firm also welcomes you to call us to ask any questions. You can also send your comments to number mentioned at the bottom of this page.